Many people opt to keep their cat as an indoor pet. There are many benefits of this, from reducing their risks of injuries or illness, protecting wildlife and having companionship all day long.

To keep your indoor cat happy and engaged we have some care and enrichment recommendations.

  • Scratching posts/furniture are an essential item for any indoor cat home. Without a scratcher or two your cat is much more likely to scratch on the furniture or carpet. Scratching posts allow your cat to maintain their claws and express their natural behaviours while protecting your furniture.
  • Create a high area for your cat to perch. Getting up high is an important way to relieve stress in the feline world. It is therefore essential to have accessible and safe high up resting places.
  • Ensure you cat has access to hidey holes and windows.
  • Play with your cat: Our cats are natural hunters and therefore like to engage in short bursts of playful energy. Interactive toys are a great way to interact with our cats.
  • Purchase safe self-play toys: As much as we would love to spend 24/7 with our cat, we do often need to leave them alone. Self-play toys are an excellent way for your cat to keep themselves entertained while you are out.
  • Meal time enrichment: Make meal times fun with slow feeders such a tower, puzzles or food dispensing toys.
  • Litter Trays: Cats require a minimum of 1 litter tray per cat. They should be cleaned daily and kept in a quiet area in the house away from their food and water sources.
  • Cat runs: If your home allows for it, consider investing in a cat run. This will allow your cat to get fresh air while still staying safe from the outside world.

For more information and tips on how to keep your indoor cat entertained, contact us on 9428 3375 or book online.