Even the most home-loving pet sometimes escapes on an adventure or is startled and flees. When pets go missing, pet owners are devastated. But microchipping could help you to find your lost pest much sooner. Although microchipping is a legal obligation for pet owners, it also means that if your pet turns up at a shelter, it can be identified. The microchip is tiny, and you and your pet won’t even notice it’s there. Microchips are recommended for cats, dogs and rabbits.

How Microchipping Works?

Microchipping significantly increases the odds of getting lost pets returned. Each microchip has a unique serial number. It is a small computer chip that is implanted under the skin of a pet using a needle. The procedure takes a few seconds and it causes the same amount of pain or discomfort as a vaccination. The chip is inserted under the loose skin between the shoulder blades.

In the case of a lost pet, the chip is read using a handheld scanner

We also recommend your pet having a tag on their collar with your phone number which can assist members of the public reunite lost animals they may find.