Cats and dogs need different diets depending on breed, lifestyle and life-stage. Diet forms the basis of good health, but with so much conflicting advice out there, knowing what’s best for your pet can be difficult. Talk to your veterinarian to find out which foods will suit your pets’ dietary requirements. At Crows Nest Animal Hospital we stock a range of premium pet foods, including veterinary recommended Royal Canin and Hills Science Diet brands. We have a broad range of prescription diets to help manage specific health conditions if this is recommended by your veterinarian.

Keep your pet sleek, trim and fit with the help of the right diet.


Occasional treats are great when it remains occasional and the treats are healthy. Most pet owners use treats as a motivator to reinforce good behaviour and as a reward during training. We do agree that it also increases the bond between owners and pets, however, choose wisely as some treats can even boost their health.

Overindulgence has the potential to cause obesity which leads to a long list of health problems, from diabetes to heart disease and arthritis. Therefore, is low calorie treats recommended and when your pet is overweight, avoid treats altogether.