Puppy Preschool

Why Do Puppy Class?

Puppy preschool should be regarded as important as good diet, nutrition and vaccinations. Our classes will help your puppy to become a well socialised, confident member of your family and provide you with all the skills and information required to raise a happy, behaviourally healthy dog.

The sensitive learning and socialisation period for puppies is approximately 4 to 16 weeks of age. Puppy preschool is designed for puppies 8-16 weeks of age. Studies have shown that puppies who are not carefully exposed to other dogs and people during critical phase will likely develop fearful and/or aggressive responses to novel situations, people and/or dogs later in life.

Much More Than Basic Training

Our classes provide the experiences and opportunities for your puppy to develop interaction skills with other puppies, with people, and to cope with new environments in a safe, controlled and fun way. As well as training the most important cues, we cover problem behaviour prevention, and class provides the opportunity to identify any issues that may need extra attention with any individual puppy, enabling us to work on them during critical phase when the brain is most open for rapid, permanent behaviour change.

Puppy class also sets owners up with a clear understanding of how dog learn and provides positive strategies to modify their dog’s behaviour. This sets them up for a happier, more harmonious life together, ensuring the dog will be an actively included member of the family.

Our recommendations for Puppy Classes:

Puppy School