There are plenty of reasons why pet owners prefer house calls with plain and simple convenience a number one reason. The same goes for delivery and pickup. We have pet owners that cannot drive or do not have transport, pets are too large, are handicapped, is a senior, etc. The house calls we make are a lifesaver to these owners.

When should you choose house calls

Less stress on pets

Older animals or animals that are not used to veterinarian clinics could be stressed unnecessarily. Some pet owners experience pets starting to shake and quiver as soon as they enter a parking lot of a vet. These are unnecessary and if the problem cannot be treated at home, we can pick up and deliver your pet with the needed care that it deserves.


Pet owners that are stranded without transport, have difficulty moving their pets or have multiple pets that they cannot transport also make use of house calls.

Multiple pets

Are you being called the “cat lady” or “dog guy”? If you have multiple pets and they need their regular checkup, vaccination, microchipping, etc. it might be beneficial to consider a house call.

Pet Pickup & Food Delivery

Some treatment options are not ideal or suitable for home treatment, therefor will you find our pickup and delivery invaluable. For the same reasons why pet owners cannot bring their pets to us, are they in need of pickup vet services too.

Your pet could be too large too or don’t fit into your vehicle or transport is a problem. Our vets perform a detailed health check or treat emergencies at home as far as possible and if needed we will suggest that we take your pet to our animal clinic and deliver it again.

Your pet’s health is as important to us as it is to you. When your pet needs more than we can offer during house calls like surgery or specialised treatment, we recommend pickup and delivery.

Also if you’d like your food home delivered, we also offer this service.